ATX x Babys x Brisket

Home just long enough to do laundry and off to Austin to meet Finn a 13 month old baby who was made by my best friend and his wife. We spent the first few days catching up with friends playing with the kid and drinking fancy mini cocktails . 

Then we had big plans to drop Finn off with fam, load up the truck with beer and float the river but as we stepped out the truck to get the tubes the sky got dark and we could hear thunder in the distance so we bailed. A decision was made to check out the Natural Bridges Wildlife drive thru tour as it stay open in the rain.

The park was way bigger then we expected with a nice variety of animals. We rolled passed the giraffes noticing one still was sporting a umbilical cord and come to find out the little guy was born a few hrs before we got there!

The Austin part of the trip ended with La Barbecue brisket and a plane filled to the brim with kids excited to hit Orlando and all the disappointment it has to offer but we still had to snag Katys long lost Astrailian travel friend from TPA later that day.