Sell em all and off to NYC

After last week of playing around with the RX1rii, I decided to consolidate my point and shoots and trade up for a RX100V. I cleaned up and ebayed off my X100s, G16 and DXO ONE and hunted down a good option. I wanted to compress the 3 into one, underwater camera, pocket camera and good quality point and shoot so I landed on the Rx100V but this took me the better part of the week to do so and at that point I was off and away to NYC for 3 days of sibling bonding time.


The weekend went like this, 

Night 1:  Jongro Koren BBQ, Sleep.

Day 2: BEC, Whitney Art Museum, Nap, Jun-Men Ramen, Milk Bar, Drinks at Gallow Green, Say No More, Drinks, Sleep.

Day 3: Brunch, Shopping, Nap, weather got cold, Drinks / Boardgames, Dinner, Sleep.

Day 4: Taxi, Flight, Flight canceled, No flights for 3 days, Flight to other side of state, 4hr drive home.

As one can tell it was a slow weekend in the city. 

Big thanks to Jet Blue I love blasting across alligator alley at midnight.