That Time We All Got Zika

Katys friend Amanda or "Randy" is from Australia and she was in for 9 days of sun and fun but we got 9 days of thunderstorms and killer mosquitoes.

We crashed the night at the house but then rolled over to Coco beach for the night to catch the Spacex’s Dragon cargo rocket launch, cause whats more American then Motel 6, Waffle House, Ron Jons and Rockets.

Home for 1 night was becoming a recurring theme, I have been living out of my tiny fjallraven duffle bag for the better part of a month now but 1 night at home and off again to Everglades City it was.

I had made a plan a good one too, 2 nights in the Everglades City with island and air boat tours but the weather was not on our side. 

Day 1:

Epic rain all morning and when it came time to roll out for a tour of the 10,000 islands the radar showed a break in the rain so we went for it, down to Chokloskee to catch the boat but on leaving the hotel room to get the car we ran it to millions of mosquitoes like biblical proportions. We pulled up at the Smallwood Store ( Pioneer trading post est in 1906) and a man pulled up, “Y’all still wanna go!” it was still raining but not bad so, “Yeah we like adventures!” . He left not saying anything and then 5 min later a little boat and man showed up and we raced to boat and pulled away leaving the zika behind.

Rain held off for the most part and we explored the 10,000 islands at a pace just faster then the bugs wanted to fly but not to fast for the dolphins.

After rushing to the car from the boat we spent the better part of 20 min killing the mosquitoes that had infiltrated into the car, got lunch then tore down alligator ally in search of airboats and alligators. 

We found both and then lost the pilots shoes.

Day 2:

As we tried to sleep thru the night storm after storm rolled thru and by dawn the whole city was underwater. We packed up, wadded out to the car and slowly drove off Everglade City which was now mostly under water.

The rain never let up but we are mosquitoes killing warriors now.