Long Over Due RIP My Tumblr

Long over due I have finally let go of the dream of catching my tumblr blog up from my last post on 1.17.15 to now 4.14.17 thats just not going to happen. So I came to the conclusion that I needed to start fresh, my tumblr is filled with amazing times but very few words ( I can’t spell thus don’t write much thus I kept it short) I like to think of my poor spelling as evolving the language, it can’t stay the same forever. 

My intent with this evolved blog is to give more then just images to add the much needed context and stories lines I had left out before. It won’t be chronological all the time so don’t freak out like my mom when she see pics from her home town on my instagam and quickly texts my sister to find out “why did he not call”, well he’s not there, “ but he posted a pic from here”. ( this happens more then I want to admit). I want to fill in the gaps from the last few years and revisit old post and update them with there long over due context.

So I’m setting a goal not publicly yet but I’m thinking once a week to post a new set and in-between ill try and fill in the past few years. 

So heres to evolving the blog and the english language. 

PS I’m new to this squarespace blog platform and idk if I like it yet a bit to clean and organized for me so ill be breaking the blog over the next few weeks finding the right fit.