Total Eclipse of Summer Pt.1

It happened and I was 97% there at The Great American Eclipse! Despite this being a known event for like ever, I some how arranged my flights to Dublin the same day even though I was 30 min away from total. I mean 97% is still better then any grade I ever got so it felt like a win. 

It came, got quite, dark and then.... my Uber arrived. I asked her if she would like to view it as I has the special glasses, she gave the most unsettling response.

Uber Driver: OOH no I'm fine, I don't want to see what's up there, thank you.

Me:..........Whats up there? It's just the moon going over the sun, it's cool. 

Uber Driver: Oh no I'm too scared, my boyfriend said I may see the devil or something and not to look.

Me: .......................................................The devil?

Uber: yeah, it's just not worth the risk.

Me:...............................................................................So how do you like working for Uber?

I had to move on as I could tell she did not want to go down this road.

Before all this, before the disturbed Uber lady and the eclipse, the reason I was in the path in the first place was I came home to Alabama to be in a besties wedding. The reason it was THAT weekend well... was because 3 out of the 6 groomsmen would be at a party KatyOhdear and I were having in Ireland, not a wedding 'cause that happened on a boat over a year ago, but a party nonetheless. So the Adam's wedding was moved forward one whole weekend.. sorry.

It was the first time in years I had been in a wedding. The 6 of us had to arrive at noon for a 4pm wedding. NOON! August in Alabama in a old as fuck church, this would all have been bad enough but add a 3 piece wool suit and no A/C! Let the drinking commince! 

Here's how the next 4ish hrs went. 

Noon: Damn it's hot I'm not putting shoes on yet. Fuck the wedding photographer is giving me that look like she thinks I'm going to be trouble, I'll put my damn shoes on!

1pm: Boys we are down 2 of the 4 flasks, anyone know if we can leave. FUCK more photos!

2pm: We are out of gin and only have a half flask of whiskey left, where's the food or water? A baby breaks thru the tiny church door followed by bridesmaids holding ice-cold drinks. WTF where did you get those! At this point we trade booze for water and cookies.

Just a cat nap

3pm: I look over at the best man he's, well, passed out, speech notes on the bench, rings just out of his hand, flask drained of of gin. I step outside which leads to me to Mason, the stepfather of the groom who has to get glasses. He commandeers me and a fancy BMW and for the first time all day as we round the 1 lane downhill curve of the mountain road with a speed that sent all 4 wheels squealing and dash alarms on, I wished I still in the hot boring tiny church.

3:30pm: After breaking a hand full of glasses due to the hell cat of a driver, we arrived back in time for....PHOTOS. At this point we were told our duties to escort guest to the seats and get ready for the ride.

The wedding went off with no major issues and most important the and dancing & cake were on point.

Thanks for the good time & the cake!